On Citizenship
Multimedia installations with augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence components

This series uses collected archival material as a base for researching and creatively/critically reproducing the official narrative of Canadian citizenship of the past century. It is composed of paintings and installations infused with augmented reality and AI components highlighing alternative histories.

On Monuments
Photogrammetry + 3D printing (2018)

Inspired by the latest discourse on public monuments, this work engages with the controversies surrounding the figure/representations of Sir John A. McDonald.

The Summit
short story (2018)

The summit was written during the Fables for the 21st Century residency at the Banff Centre in 2017. It is a 2000 words satirical piece reflecting on the political and cultural 'climate' of our days.

Montreal Bizarre
photography (ongoing)

A series of photographs that capture something bizarre I came across during my explorations of Montreal...

Photographic Compositions (ongoing)

These are scenes that bring out the painter in me disarming any quest for objectivity and encouraging an intentional framing of reality...

People in Public
photography (ongoing)

portraits of people in public spaces ranging from everyday scenes to special occasions ...past moments from our present times intended for a future audience.

On the Anthropocene
HD video (2014-2018)

A short time-lapse-style video recorded over a period of four years and documenting the construction of the O-train overpass at Carleton University, Ottawa.


Art on a Green Line Series: Documentary Painting, Collage, Mixed Media (2015)

Four artworks produced for the Art on a Green Line exhibition.

ephemeral commemorations

Ephemeral Commemorations Series: Installation + Video + Photography (2013 - Ongoing)

Ephemeral Commemorations is an ongoing art series in which I observe and document unofficial attempts to materialize, safeguard, and share the memory of individuals in the public spaces of our modern world...



#occupy #Ottawa: 1 min, 8mm color film (2011)

A commentary on social media (twitter) as a driving force behind social/political change. #occupy #occupyottawa


Timeline Series: Documentary Paintings: acrylic, guache, ink, archival documents and photographs on canvas (2006 - ongoing)

Documenting the everyday archive in painting.

arab spring

The Arab Spring: Installation + Video (2012-2013)

A commentary installation and video about the so-called Arab Spring.

History & Reconstruction of St. Charbel Church Ottawa: 30 min, video (2011)

The Solo Filmmaker: 3 min, video (2012)

On the collaborative nature of filmmaking.

$Store-y: 5 min, 8mm film transfered to digital file (2010)

On dollar store obsessions / commodity fetishism.