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Walid Raad

New York, USA

Miraculous Beginnings (2011)

Exhibition catalogue. Private collection

The cover of this book reproduces a detail of Raad’s Let’s Be Honest, the Weather Helped (1998) which overlays a series of coloured dots on photographs of ruined streets in Beirut.  The dots purportedly mark the location of bullets Raad had collected as a child with his friends after combat subsided. The different colors represent the 23 countries that provided ammunition to the various warring factions in Lebanon.

Raad is known for his playful integration of archival imagery to create fictional historical narratives about the Lebanese wars. Famous for his Atlas Group Archive, Raad considers his books to be central to his artistic practice. This catalogue of a 2010 exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery in London includes key examples of his work.