Art on a Green Line

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Jayce Salloum

Vancouver, Canada

sniper’s hole (from inside the 'Roum' [Orthodox] church), positioned on the intersection at Place des Martyrs, the Bourg, Beirut (1992). From (sites+) demarcations part of كان يا ما كان (Kan ya ma Kan) / There was and there was not (1988-1998)

Chromogenic print. Courtesy of the artist

Salloum’s photograph of Beirut’s city centre, the core of Green Line, captures the essence of the collective memory of the Lebanese wars. The tension between this image, its title, and the accompanying sentences is meant to raise questions about representations of Lebanon and Beirut, examining how the city and country have been characterized and understood. For Salloum, there is no objective or detached way of regarding his subject matter. Lebanon is both real and imagined; it is a place of exoticism, war, Biblical significance and colonial intervention.